This circuit turns on a White LED and its brightness can be controlled through the Pot VR1.
The circuit uses the Timer IC 555 in the Astable multivibrator mode with the timing components R1, VR1 (50K or 100K), R2 and C1 (0.1). In the Astable mode, the output of IC1 turns high and low continuously depending on the output frequency. The output frequency is controlled by the values of the timing components. When the Pot VR1 is turned maximum, brightness of White LED decreases and when the Pot is turned to minimum resistance, the brightness of LED increases.
Note: Use a jumper wire (trimmed resistor lead) near C1. A line is given for it. C1 is 0.1 uF disc capacitor which is non polarized and can be connected either way round

If component removal is required for re assembling, do not bend the excess leads of components before soldering. Cut the excess lead close to the PCB and apply some flux. Apply little solder at the contact point. Do not apply, excess solder or over heat the solder points. PCB tracks will detach. Clean the surface with kerosene, or PCB cleaning fluid to remove flux and dirt.

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